Moock fpi Help (Moock Flash Detector)

I am using the Moockfpi with the “useRedirect = true” method. Where do I put my Meta tags: <Meta Name=“description” Content=“blah,
blah,”>/<Meta Name=“keywords” Content=“blah, blah”>?
Do I just add them after the <META HTTP-EQUIV=“Pragma”
CONTENT=“no-cache”> Line in the following script?
My entry web page is called index.html and looks like


<HEAD><TITLE>moock flash player inspector ::

<!-- Prevent caching in netscape.
Very important cause netscape tends to mangle
cached code -->
<META HTTP-EQUIV=“Pragma” CONTENT=“no-cache”>

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=“JavaScript” type=“text/javascript”>
// moock fpi [f.lash p.layer i.nspector]
// version: 1.3.5
// written by colin moock
// code maintained at:
// terms of use posted at:

// ===============================================
// These are the user defined globals.
// Modify the following variables to customize the
inspection behaviour.

var requiredVersion = 6; // Version the user needs
to view site (max 6, min 2)
var useRedirect = true; // Flag indicating whether or not to load a separate
// page based on detection
results. Set to true to
// load a separate page.
Set to false to embed the
// movie or alternate html
directly into this page.

// Only set next three vars if useRedirect is true…
var flashPage = “main.html” // The location of
the flash movie page
var noFlashPage = “noflash.html” // Page displayed if
the user doesn’t have the
// plugin or we
can’t detect it.
var upgradePage = “upgrade.html” // Page displayed if
we detect an old plugin
// ===============================================Thanks for any help!