More HTML Help

Hey guys. This is kind of an advanced question and I think it will take some time for someone to help me out. I am making a splash page now, and I have the image done and separated into smaller images that comprise the larger one. This is so everything will come together cleaner and look better. I have no knowledge of HTML and yesterday was told by a friend that I would need to use tables to put the pieces together and more HTML to add the links.

“Tables?” I said.

And at 11:00 at night I went to a site to learn all about tables. Four hours later I knew the commands, but no idea how to put them together into an HTML document. At #:00 in the morning I decided enough was enough, and I went to bed.

Looking at some splash sites, I realized the source code has a lot more than I was learning, and I also realized that it was going to be too advanced for someone just learning HTML.

So, I was wondering if someone wouldn’t mind putting together an HTML file for me to get the image put together and the links intact. I know this is probably a little time consuming and I apologize for that. If you can help me please post a reply and then I will send you the images, and also the whole image so you can see what it looks like when it is one big image.


I think I can help you out in this department. I am pretty good at creating an image map with tables. I will at least need the big image, but if you already have them sliced out, that is a HUGE help. I can’t guarantee I will have it right quick, I am busy a lot, but I think I can manage it in a reasonable amount of time.

Hey LostinBeta, I sent you an E-mail at the address on your website. Included is a zip file with everything you need. Thanks a lot!


It is done, I sent it back to your e-mail in a .zip file. I hope it is what you wanted.

Did you get the file? It’s been 2 days with no reply, just wondering if it sent alright.

Sorry LostinBeta, the file works great. I thought I sent you a reply email but I looked in Outlook Express and saw no sent mail to you. I apologize for that. Everything was perfect! I changed the text a little cause it was blurry (my fault) and had to make a few changes to accomodate that, but it is awesome! And thanks for also optimizing it with the 1 px by 1 px dot. The resizing works great also! I appreciate the work you did very much.

Thanks again,

It was no problem. I am glad I could help, and that everything turned out perfect.