More scrollbar questions...?

Ok…so first I was having issues with my scrollbar not resizing to the dynamic text box…so that gets fixed (still don’t know what I did though:( ) Now for some reason when I publish the movie…the scroller doesn’t scroll…this is aggravating. Although it has forced me to make my own scrollers which are cooler anyway. So now I have a few questions…1) why won’t the component scroller scroll…and 2) is there a way to dynamically load text into a personally made scrollbar?

Thanks for any help…

Scrollbars are evil. If you change something after you’ve put them on the screen, chances are it won’t work unless you erase and start over.

And concerning question 2, it is possible but you have to handle lots of things, so it is not that easy.

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How do I make my own scroll bar?

There are about 4 or 5 tutorials on this site. I suggest you check Upu’s tutorial too (look for posts by David).

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