Most awesome use of actionscript ever...need a tutorial on this

My hats off to the geniuses over at for their awesome display of Actionscript skills. One effect in particular grabbed my attention and I would really love to see how it could be adapted to different uses. Chek the effect and then read on…

Now the most wonderful thing here is that this is a very convincing 3d effect, I mean let’s face it until now most of the actionScript based 3d effect I saw were rather simple and if one wanted to achieve a 3d world he needed a third party program such as Swift3d therefore sacrificing file size.

Now My question is this, could one use the effect and make it into an Intro animation ? Could it be possible for instance that instead of words flying in a 3d space, could it be Geometric shapes ( drawing API ?? ) But most importatly, can this be “Timed” to say a soundtrack. It’s all about control !

Whatever we can come up with, I think it would be a wonderful challenge to pick apart this concept and break down the actionScript in order to build more customized versions and hand up with more cool stuff ! For example, a 3d interface based solely on actionScript ! Now wouldn’t that be great or what.

To all of you actionScript Jedis out there Let there be light !

You gotta love OpenSource :thumb:

Maybe I didn’t understood the code in the levitated movie but it basically looks like they created a virtual camera in flash. Now maybe that’s just me but this sound pretty darn cool !!

If anyone knows of any tutorial or study for the use of such a concept please do tell!!

Thanks !

As for breaking down Jared Tarbells actionscript, I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but Jareds coding ability comes from that of an alien species. His open source files aren’t exactly for the early scripters and therefore are not so easily “customizable”, in this can’t, I don’t think you can have it play as an animation in an intro, it seems to be randomized and the camera moves when each word is clicked on, so an event has to be triggered for that to work.

As for cameras in Flash, yes, you can do that. Go to , click on “Tutorials”, then on “Flash MX” , and in there will be a tutorial called “Cameras In Flash”.

LoL Alien spiecies uh !! It all makes sense now !! Well, I guess we simple humans will have to wait for our puny little mind to evolve to the next level of mathematical enlightment !

But I mean **** was that thing cool or what !!

sigh guess I better go back to designing cool intros with swift3d

Thanks for the tutorial link BTW I’ll be sure to read it!

If you want more about cameras (and if you have some money to spend) you can buy Fresh Flash. Brandon Williams explains how you can use his 3D library “easily”.