Mothers lock up your daughters

I’m back in town.

As some of you may or may not know, I am greatly infamous for threatening to leave, then actually leaving then coming back as if born again. Well, this is my third time around coming back. As you also may or may not have noticed, my last depature was a bit more…dramatic: I reset everything in my profile, reset my post count, and even unmodded myself, which I noticed was quickly reverted.

The reason I left temporarily was because I felt I was pushed over the edge a bit, along with a feeling of subtle depression, a condition the doctors have labeled bipolar disorder or manic-depression.

I decided to come back because of the inspiration I got from the last couple weeks:[list]2-3 near-death experiences
[]quit my “job” as a programmer
]modified my career direction, now i’m double-majoring in engineering
[]excitement of moving out of my wretched apartment
]social life’s been overall improving[*]started going to the gym again[/list]Now what does this have to do with coming back here? Well, I figured if I were to restart my life, I should start by mending some frayed knots: started talking to people I have avoided for years, made friends with people I hated or found annoying, accepted that my car is truly a piece of crap, suckered up into buying into the somethingawful forums, and finally, came back here, my home on a 1280x1024 resolution.

Well, it’s 12:10 I’ve got class at 12:30 I’ll leave it at that for now and come back later to finish this off.