No offense but

this has got to be one of the worse ‘chit-chat’ forums Ive been to. I guess its ok considering theres only like, what? 10, if that, considerably active repeat users? None of whom (including myself) have too terribly much important or even vaguely interesting to say.

I mean come on, what were some of the more recent posts? A misguided flash question, a “yippie Im an addicted poster” thread and some boring question about tablet hardware. Id rather watch my grandmother knit! (not literally)

… I thought I was hooked… it was a lie. Im going to go out for a jog and enjoy the world for once. Bah! to you computer! Nature here I come!

Thank you lame Random forum of Kirupa for showing me that there IS life outside the realm of computers!

( awaits onslaught :bad: )

yeah you are right, there are not a lot of re-peat posters but hey, ppl come and ask…they get the answer…thats all that matters, right? that they get help…but are you being sarcastic?

LOL if you werent addicted you wouldnt be posting.

[SIZE=1] [edit][/SIZE] Checks Who’s Online… Yep, your addicted [SIZE=1] [/edit][/SIZE]

*Originally posted by morse *
**[SIZE=1] [edit][/SIZE] Checks Who’s Online… Yep, your addicted [SIZE=1] [/edit][/SIZE] **




Glad to hear that you are <i>thinking</i> about going outside…

BTW - have you ever been tested for Bipolar Disorder?



[SIZE=1]hehe just to brag I was outside for the last 4 hours… SKIING! :stuck_out_tongue: [/SIZE]

Ok back on topic…

why do you think he is bipoler? isnt that when you want to kill yourself?

Bipolar Disorder (as I understand it) is a chemical inbalance of Seritonin, causing various symtoms, including <i>mood swings</i>.

Then again, maybe sen was just getting in touch with his <i>feminine</i> side…



bipolar isnt wanting to die specifically though is associated with mania and depres… :dies:

Hmm… Interesting…



Bi-Polar refers to your moods being totally opposite. Bi obviously means two and Polar refers to opposite moods.

isn’t that what I said?

thanks Morse, for backing me up…


I am bipolar. Rev was right, it is an imbalance in the levels of Seratonin and possibly a host of other chemicals that are needed to affect the activities of the brain. Mood swings are one of the biggest symptoms. And my mood swings are crazy…

ok i get it now…my friend told me what i said. and sen and morse your server(s) are down. wait sen yours is back up…now morse its your footer…

Thanks mdipi. :slight_smile:

How about now?

You know you love it here Sen!!!

The first step is admitting.

Im in denial

We know Sen… we know.


[SIZE=1]ur all sick just sick[/SIZE] ;(
i think i’m bi polar 2…i’m the north pole and everyone i meet is the complete opposite south pole…:cool: