Motion blur…onblur.asp

I don’t have photoshop, is there another way of doing it?

What art programs do you have?

If none, I can’t think of another way of doing the same thing… but also if you like, I’ll take whatever photo you’ve got and apply the appropriate filters to it, and send it back. At least this much I can do for you.

I have fireworks 4

hmm… not sure if that will do the trick. I’ll check out my version at home and see if I can find anything equal to photoshops blur filter

upu, do you think paint shop pro would do it?

dont’ know… never used it.

well, since no one knows, thanks for your time anyways.

Give me a minute or two, i know there is a mask called motion blur in PSP7, I will test it out…


ugh, scrap that PSP7 wont run, I will check it next time I reboot.

ok guys, not to worry I’ll look into it tomorrow if i get the chance.

Ok, this is what I came up with:

Here is tha basic image, just some text in the middle of an image:

Then if you go to Effects -> Blur -> Motion Blur, and use these settings:

Angle: 90
Intensity: 6

You will get this:

Thats pretty much it, you can turn the intensity up to about 19 and you will get summin like this:

Hope that answers your question, yes it can be done in PSP7 =)

yes and then you can tween it. Pom had a way of doing it with Onion skinning but I’m not sure how to do it.

For anyone who reads this…I am Jubba on my roommates comp.