Motion blurs and out of focus effects

Can you guys explain to me how to make motion blurs and out of focus effects in Photoshop CS. Thanks.


to do a out of focus blur go to filter>>blur>>Gaussian Blur

to a motion blur filter>>blur>>motion or radial blur

check the blur filters and play around with them; radial blur, motion blur etc…

play around with it - that’s what I call practice :beam:

has anyone used the new lens blur in CS? it gives out the effect of a camera lens blur… insteresting :smirk:

No but I just got CS so i will try it out :slight_smile: . O and Soulty when is ur new site coming out. I want to see it!

it’s in flash at the moment… alot of work still to go, the main layout is designed but not animated yet, content still needs to be done… its getting there… if i only knew where there was though… lol


Soulty do you just use photoshop for the general graphics of ur site? If so please help me out. I have read books and they are mainly just on photo editing, not creating graphics from scratch. DO u have any book u can recommend that will show how to create nice graphics for web from scratch. Thanks. Mike.

hey mlkedave , for most general things created for my current site , i use a mixture of illustrator and photoshop, actually alot of it was vector graphics. I havent actually purchased any photoshop books so i wouldnt be able to recommend you to any.

I can advice you to look at the tutorials for photoshop featured here at kirupa and the many sites listed by lost here…

there should be enough there to help you create some graphics from scratch. :wink: