Motion Easing with AS

how do i can i adjust the Easing property of moving MC when im moving the MC with AS (not with motion tween) ?!

i got an MC and im increasing it’s _x by 1 till the _x got to 100.
how can i adjust the easing, so that when it become close to 100 it will slowly stopped?


I´m using Voetsjoeba´s code for easing, but can I apply robert penner´s code´s to it?

Good sample Industriality Thank you! but someone can tell me how to move an object not on x or y but on [FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=Red]diagonal[/COLOR][/FONT]?


Thank you I will try that ! :beer:

var easeInKnob =
var easeOutKnob =
Was it wrong for me to laugh like a 10-year old schoolboy when I read this?

Maybe it’s just my British sense of humour.