Motion tween- no symbol

how can i make a motion tween without converting the image to a symbol?

thanx for any help!

You don’t HAVE to convert it to a symbol, but it helps to. When you have your image on the stage and tween in Flash will automatically convert it to a tween(?) symbol in the library, and after numerous tweens this can get a bit crazy in the library so its usually recommended you convert it to a symbol.

Well im trying to use the “distort” function…but it only seems avalable when u have a non-symbol highlited…do you know how i could go about using it?

You would have to do a shape tween not a motion tween.

This requires that you make NO symbols.

Frame 1 contains the original image… right click in lets say frame 10 or whatever and choose to insert keyframe. Distort it how you would like, click in the grey area between keyframes and open the properties panel (CTRL+F3). In there will be a drop down box that has an option for None, Shape Tween, or Motion Tween… choose shape. If it worked the great area will be come green with an arrow pointing to the end keyframe.



No problem.