Mouse cursor

I only used flash for a month now and got
a little sick of making those weird stick movie’s
so I visited kirupa and found tutorials,
and started working with them so
I made a borderless window ( tnx 2 kirupa )
And I made a mouse cursor ( tnx 2 kirupa )
and it all worked
but every time you leave the borderless window the cursor
stay’s in the window and the mouse reappears
so my question is, is it possible 2 make the mouse cursor inside the borderless window disappear when you leave the window and come back when you enter it
Plz help me
and soz for the english but the dutch schools failed on me
( thank god for word )

I believe the official technique is to check wether the mouse is over the movie or not with an if test, and if it’s not the case, to set the visibility to 0.

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