MOUSE_DOWN event and tiles

Hello to all on Kirupa forums, and I also want to say that this page is absolutley AWESOME. I still haven’t read all the articles, but a lot what I have learned about Flash is from here.

I have a question about the new type of events etc., and a question about making tiles in AS 3.0.

It’s still a little complicated for me to understand all of this mumbo-jumbo new code (since it’s not anything like “original” AS), so I would like to know how to make an event while the mouse left button is pressed.

Actually, I would like to rewrite the “Dynamic mouse follower” ( so that the circle keeps creating itself while the mouse is down.

I tried changing the eventListener to MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, but it has the same function as MouseEvent.Click (the circle is created only once).

The other question goes like this:

I have read the tutorial about creating tiles in AS 2.0, but have no idea how to make them in 3.0. Of course, I could put the tiles manually, but where’s the fun in that?:hugegrin: