Mouse hide

if you only want your mouse to be hid in a certain area in the movie, how would you go about doing so? thanks, if more explination is nessassary just let me know.


You’d have to create custom cursor to make that work, I think.

pom :asian:

thats what i was thinkin, thanks though. its funny i sit here in dissapointment that flash cant do something like that, yet when you look at what you can do with it, its simply amazing.


this works:

make a box or whatever shape your area is, and make it’s alpha “0”. make sure the box is a MC too. Then add this code to the box:


Easy… as long as the alpha of the box is 0, u can’t see it! :slight_smile:

no need for custom cursors here…

try it:

I’ve set the alpha to 5 so u can see the box…

thank you, that was ever so helpful!!!


no problemo! :stuck_out_tongue: