Mouse Over help Please


I have made a webpage with frames, (top and main frame) using Dreamweaver
I have some pictures and text on main frame,
I want to make a situation when you put your mouse pil over a picture or
text on main frame, as a result a picture or text appears on top frame ,
and when I click on that, ( the same object on the main frame) the pic or
text which appeared on top, remains on top frame until you click another
picture or text. I want to do this for couple of pictures and text. can I do
this with flash, or there is another way,
I have tried some with flash, but I don’t know how to make it appear on top
frame not the same place as button.

How can I do this.
Thanx for reply.

I am sure there is a way. But using frames is using different URL’s. It will be difficult. Can you think of something else to learn as i think trying to do this would be rather time consuming. Build a site with what you know. Not what you don’t. Keep it simple and build within your base of knowledge. I know it’s not what you wanted to hear but does it make sense?


I can try to work out something. Not sure which way I would go yet.

Question: Is it vital that you use frames, or COULD the whole thing be done in flash?

thanx for the reply;

It is not vital that this be done in frame, so far I could not find any other way,
the reason that I want to use frame is because in the main page I want to have a table of 4 cols, and 25 rows, which occupies the whole page,( every cell about 160 px * 25 px) and when viewer click on one of these cell on the main page some information should appear, if this information appears on the main page, it requires that the viewer scroll the page up and down, (assuming that info appears on top part of the main page), but if I can make it to show this info on top frame this problem is solved, no matter where on the page viewer scrolls, the top frame is not moving and shows the info.
if I can do this page in flash I have to make it so the top part of the page be non moveable, then I can embed the flash file in the html page.
the web site is made in Dreamweaver 4 and has some flash animation as well.