Using Flash in Dreamweaver - Frame HELP!

I created a flash movie with a navigation bar to be in my First frame (using dreamweaver). I tried a bunch of different things to try to have this result.
Once a user clicks on the navigation bar and makes a chose of another sub-page they would like to view, the page should appear in the “Main” frame while the top frame will always remain visible. How would I do this?!?!?!? Please Help

Could you post your files? I am not sure I follow what you are trying to do, thanks.

Well Basically its like this. I created a flash movie. Theres Fading Text & Fading Pictures on it, and right underneath there is a navigation bar. To link into other sub-pages. In Dreamweaver, I made a page with 2 frames. The top one is for this Flash movie with navigation bar and the “mainFrame” is for the pages to be displayed. Does this explaination make sense? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Yes now I understand.
Well I have never tried intergrating a Flash Menu (only stand alone swf files) into Dreamweaver before- have you tested that the links work without using the frames? I would do that before you went any further. I know the frame setup in Dreamweaver can be a little tricky and that may be the problem. I have a meeting right now but I would like to try and help you some if I could so let me know.

Yes the links work fine. They open up in a different browser but i want them to open in the Main Frame! pffff ur help would be great, im just going around in circles trying to figure this out

well that sounds good…
I do apologize but I have to go for tonight. Have you already looked at the Dreamweaver help files about frames? I will take a look at this first thing in the morning and get back with you, best wishes!

thats how i always do it or any variant thereof

Yes Krusader you are right (thank you because it was bothering me to know the answer as well)
with the exception that you seem to need quotes around your url and target.
This is how what I put on my two test buttons that were created in Flash:
getURL(“”, “mainFrame”)


getURL(“”, “mainFrame”)

They both pulled the correct page into the mainFrame. Teresam let me know if you need more explaination.

Here is my test page

FINALLY!!! I got it to work!!! THANKS ALOT!!!

Glad you got it work =)