MouseOver Actions Too Slow


I am new to flash. I am creating a network diagram.…2006-10-03.swf

The problem is when the number of interconnections between two nodes increases, Mouse Over Effects takes a lot of time (10-15 secs).

Right now I am doing it as follows to draw multiple lines associated with a circle:

function drawLine(counter:Number) {
item = groupLineCircle[counter];
with (_root[item[0][1]]) {
var total:Number = item.length;
for (var i:Number=0;i<total;i++) {
moveTo(X1, Y1);
lineTo(X2, Y2);

and onmouse over I am changing the color and depth.

If I have 150 nodes and 5000 lines, the mouse action takes 15+ seconds.

Please suggest me a method to reduce this time to 1 sec or so.