Mouseover hover tell target help

Hello, this is my first post. I’m using this forum as a last resort to my problem. I’ve been searchhing online for 5 hours straight and have found no answers to my issue. I will do my best to be simple and plain.
I’ve taught myself flash and photoshop by myself and have done pretty good so far with out any help from other people. My site is As you can see, my photo gallery needs more umphh. here’s what i want to do…
(I know I can download free flash photo galleries, but I want to be a little more original)
I want to have a button that when is hovered/rolled over/moused over displays a picture next to it. Basically like a photo gallery.
When the button (i.e thumbnail, text, object) has the mouse over it, a picture should appear elesewhere on the page/movie clip.
Every tutorial I have read so far (at least 10) have been too advanced for me. I’ve tried “tell target” and cannot figure out how to name instances or set different places in the frames. These tutorials assume I already know how to do this, so they just say “name your instances” and move on.
I know this cannot be too hard to do, I’ve gotten this far already. Does ANYBODY know where there is a step by step tutorial on an easy task such as this? I’m so tired lol! Imageready has an easy way of roll overs so flash can’t be too hard. stinkin actionscript! (jp)


just as I was leaving, Hank had a different thread, and this link here describes exactly what i want to do with my pics! When you roll over the text a picture appears. I want to do the same for my gallery. I hope he’ll e-mail me but please DON’T let that stop YOU from helping me out

Check out this thread. Should help get you started.

Thanks! this is perfect