Movie clip continues to play

Hi everyone,

I have a simple flash file that works like this: On the first frame is the preloader, then on the second frame there are two images. I’ve made it so that when someone rolls their mouse over the left image the playhead jumps to frame 3 and when it rolls over the right image it goes to frame 4, and when this happens, i.e. when the playhead is at one of these frames, a simple movie clip plays. The images from frame 2 are also repeated on both frames 3 and 4 and when the mouse rolls out from one of the images the playhead jumps back to frame 2. (I’m using onRollover and onRollout actionscript). On frame 2 I also have a simple movie clip playing through and I’ve put a stop(); action on the last frame of this movie clip so that it will only play once. The problem is that once it’s finished playing and then stops, if a user moves the mouse over one of the two images on frame 2 and then the playhead goes to either frames 3 or 4 (as mentioned) then back to frame 2 again, the movie clip that I only wanted to play once, will start playing again. Even though I have the stop action on the movie clip in frame 2, it continues to loop once the playhead jumps to frame 2.

The stop action seems to work if the playhead stays where it is but because I have the other rollover actions happening, it will always jumps back to frame 2 and cause the loop.

Would anyone have any suggestions how I can prevent this movie clip from playing after it’s played through once?

Thanks for any help offered.