Movie Clip Symbol Question

I’ve just recently started playing with flash and I have what I imagine will be a simple question. I’m doing some basic animation of something my girlfriend drew.

Anyway, I created a symbol of type “Movie Clip” and I want it to play when clicked, then I want it to stop. Right now, the thing starts with the rest of the movie and plays on a continuous loop.

The .fla file is up at


You have posted in the MX forum but it seems that the file is in MX2004? Could you resave?

But I’m going to bet its as simple as putting a stop() in the first frame. Make sure the movieclip has an instance name (e.g. “myMovie” no quotes). Then in your actionscript you can say:

myMovie.onPress = function(){

And finally, make sure there is a stop() on the last frame as well.