Movie Clip question

I’m new to flash and this forum, so bear with me if my vocab isn’t completely up to par yet. :slight_smile:

So, I’ve got this movie, and I’ve created a symbol of type “Movie Clip”. The problem is, I want the movie clip to be paused at the start, and play one time when clicked. Right now, it’s starting with the rest of the movie and playing in an infinite loop.

The .fla file is at - since there’s action script involved, you’ll have to “test movie” to see the motion, I think.


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All you have to do to have it stopped when it first loads is this. Creat a new layer and in the first keyframe (it’ll have an empty circle in it), right click it and pick ‘actions’. Put this code in there:


To get it to play you can make an invisible button. Just do a search for making ‘invisible buttons’ on here. Once you’ve made one, stretch it out to cover your whole movie, right click it, pick ‘actions’ and put this code on it.


Hope that helps.

I don’t want the whole movie stopped at load time, just the Symbol of type “Movie Clip” - (Which I could be using incorrectly)

Here’s what I want to happen:

+Movie starts, stuff is happening.
+User clicks on a button, this makes the button move, then stop.

The 5th and 6th tendrils from the left are the ones I’m talking about. Right now, they start moving at the beginning and loop forever. I don’t want them to move until they’re clicked, and once they move, I want them to stop.

Sorry for not being more clear the first time around, like I said, I’m very new to flash.

I’ve just upped the .swf file too, just for quicker viewing.