Movie clips and telltarget (probably very stupid mistake)

i dont know what happened… ive done this before… its probably a blatently obvious mistake somewhere… this is just the very beginning of a project… but its not working for some reason…\r\rin the button on the stage i have:\r\ron(rollOver)\r{\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp menuButtons.gotoAndPlay(“down”);\r}\ron(rollOut)\r{\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp menuButtons.gotoAndPlay(“up”);\r}\r\rand i also have a movie clip on the stage called “menuButtons”… but you probably figured that out\r\ranyway… inside that movie clip i have a stop(); on frame 1\r\rfrom frame 5 till like 20 i think… its animation of buttons going in… and i labeled the first frame of the layer that plays first “down” then i have a stop(); at the end of the little buttons comming in animation… then i have from the frame after the stop(); labeled “up”… and at the very end of the buttons going back up… i have gotoAndStop(1);\r\ri dont know why this isnt working… any ideas? ill try remaking it… but any help would be appreciated…\r\r-scott

sorry to waste anyone’s time… i got it figured out\r\r-scott