Movie Clips controlling movie clips, problem


I’ve been trying to make some drop down menus for awhile and I’ve run into a snag.

I have a button that when you roll over it, a movie clip appears [jumps to frame 2, frame 1 is blank.] This mc is the drop down menu. The drop down menu mc consists of other buttons that when you roll over them they stay green, but all other buttons go blue. [done by making certain mc jump to frame 2 and others jump to frame 1 to dissappear.]

So this all works fine.

My problem now comes when I try to attach on (release) functionality to the buttons inside the drop down mc. I have the following code on one of the buttons inside the 1st drop down menu:

[COLOR=sienna]// Drop down menu colour changes.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]on (rollOver) {
[COLOR=SIENNA]// Trying to get wherewestarted movie clip to jump to frame 2 on release.
// Also making other movie clips jump to frame 2 to dissapper.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=BLUE]on (release) {

So the on (rollOver) part workds great, and I’m quite pleased with the resluts… however when you click a button in the menu, nothing happens. No movie clips appear, or dissappear. I’ve tried it without using _parent, I’ve tried _root… I just don’t know what to do.

How can I get a rollover AND a release action?