Movie intermittently gets choppy on the last movie clip

I have a player.swf which has play and a pause buttons. This player loads external .swf movies. Each movie is about a minute long and I cut them up into 3 to 5 movie clips. So, the movie’s main time line uses 3 to 5 frames, at the end of a movie clip I tell it to go to the next frame in the main time line. The strange part is on the the last frame of the main time or somewhere in the last movie clip the animation freezes up, well sort of. It plays really slow, almost like the pause was pressed for a minute then the play button was click really quick then back to the minute long pause. I’m having a really hard time finding the problem since the majority of the time it plays fine. Please watch the movie and let me know if it feezes up on the last part of each section. If anybody know this problem or has any questions please let me know.