Movie not running after preloader

I have created the preloader following the tutorial, and have a small movie afterwoods. I have followed the tutorial perfectly, but find that the movie still does not play. The movie clip has been place on frame three for its own layer. The movie clip also does not have a stop action at the first frame only the last frame. Can anyone help me out with this please


Care to post the fla?

Yes no worries Claudio, I cannot figure it out, trust me I tried but cannot see the fault, maybe I am tired :).

add a stop(); action on frame 3 of your main timeline.

wow thats great, urm could you explain why that was required ? if it was to repeat frames 1 and 2 until the file was loaded why would I require a stop action ther?

T and thanks

well, you need a stop action on your last frame if you dont want your movie to loop.
Without that stop action, your movie clip will never get a chance to play.

Well it works thanks for that. Is there any chance you could spare a few moments to help me out to understand something?

welcome :slight_smile:
well, post it.
if i cant solve your doubt, im sure someone else can.

Ok well if you looked at the preloader and movie. For the movie, when the template load, like that simple box thing you saw, there is a way in which you can create a shape tween that looks like liquid when it loads. Rather than your standard block type loading stage. I am trying to find the link for it. Electrogeek did try and explain but I think he is expecting too much. I am eagar but it is hard to learn from someone who expects you to know already.

I will keep looking for the url, it is a shape tween but it looks really cool, if you dont know what it is i am talking about i will find you the url.

oh and thanks its good to know someone is there to help :slight_smile:

Ok I have found the url for it. Although the design I am messing with here is mearly for my learning purposes. I am working to design a school website that I feel flash is the answer. I have really these past days been mad on at flash from scratch, learning loads but time is not on my site. The transition effect here is ideal for any form of loading, it is totally wonderful to see as well, have a look and see if it can be done and is it really dificult to achieve.


Hmm thats just motion or shape tween.
You just need to play around to achieve the same effect.

If i knew how to achive it I would be working with it now. I can do a simple shape tween in block type but to achieve that, no way. Like I said if I could do it I would spend hours trying it, but you say shape tween and motion tween. mmmhhh

Is there any more you could give me to work on, as currently I cannot figure out how they achieve such fluid motion movement like water.

I will try and try, but like I said I dont have all the time in the world at the moment, due to thei project, put it bluntly my brain is buggered :), I have totally exhusted myself out with this flash mx. I will keep trying, but if you can help out further than yes its shape tween and motion tween, it would be great :slight_smile:


Sorry man, im not very experienced with tweens. But i guess you wont find a tutorial or something on how to achieve that effect. Its a matter of trying. Try learning more about shape hints, or running a google search on tweens. You might find something usefull.
Im off to bed now, gotta wake up early.

Ok thanks for your help on the preloader problem, night