Movie onto a CD

This isn’t really action scripting but i’m desperate.
Ive made a presentation for GSL Police Support Services
and in the contact us section I have included a button which links back to the GSL Group 4 website, this button works as a SWF or as a projector file (EXE) but when the presentation
is burned onto a CD the button spits up a message which says the url can’t be found,
this is because it seems to be looking for it from my D drive ie http//d/www.
Am I entering the correct commands in
the actions panel, after I have wrote in the URL I have left the windows dropdown on blank and the variables on Don’t send
Please help A.S.A.P

Make sure your get url calls a http address

on (Release) {
getURL (“”);

Hiya JSK,
Thanks for your help, I did as you suggested but for some reason when the movie is burned onto a CD the Url is putting D after the http// and before the www.
The link works fine as a exe or a swf but fails as soon as it goes onto a CD.
Its driving me nuts!!!

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I tried it out and it worked fine for me. The only thing i could find is that you forgot a semi colon in http[SIZE=4]:[/SIZE]//. Hope it helps. Good Luck

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Thank you,
I can’t believe it was something so un-scientific, I was convinced the problem had to be with my CD writer.
You are a star.