Movie poster

:). the actual file size is 2550x3600


just i dont know about the bottom part… the electricity kinda thing… to saturated… but maybe it has somehting to do with the movie…


its very cool! :thumb:

(maybe it looks very cool fullsized)

the stuff at the bottom is the earth shattering into a millioon pieces

yeah i just saw that :slight_smile:

i like it!

:thumb: again!

(whats that movie about :P)

its just like THE CORE, DEEP IMPACT, ARMAGEDDON…except in my movie nobody survives.

Awesome!! :beam:

Did you make it? Is it gonna be a famous film?

  • Soul :s:

Is it a real film?

im asking that myself

ANSWER! :stuck_out_tongue:

is :rd: the nemesis?

its a made up film. the poster was made for my design class.

Will you make the posters for my films?? :beam:

  • Soul :s:


:hair: oh.

well sell the idea or something, make it real!


edwin, d00d go to hollywood and say, i made the poster, now you make the movie. and poof you’ll be blinged out! and i mean you DO live in LA so its not like you gotta travel real far you know?

love the producers, & the cast… how on earth did you get Paul Rubens…

The soundtrack alone is worth the price of the movie…

Wardrobe by George Zimmer…

A complete :thumb: :thumb: 2 thumbs up…



I particularly like how you both star and produce. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a beautiful picture though. Fantastic. :slight_smile:

Nice work edwin. =)

kit he also is master of photography, editor, and he wrote the screen play. oh and his INC did the vis effects. you gotta big job there man!

I really like it, though the billing block is a little hard to read :slight_smile:

Can I just say I love your footer and av bleutuna :thumb:

  • Soul :s:

Keanu Reeves, James Bond, Steve Spielberg, and you(like 8 times). and the poster is cool cause it is simple yet has style:)