Movie: Saw - Watch Trailer Here


This is creepy. Promising movie for the fall. Saw

See the trailer from

Looks pretty f*cked up.

oh man, that’s bad…i’m definitely going to see that one…

Holy Crap that looks awesome!

man, i so hope this isn’t rated R so I can see it in the theaters. If it is, I guess i’ll just have to wait to rent it hehe.


I couldn’t expect anything less.

I thought the same thing :wink:

tee hee :love: :beam:

cool name. after watching it, i’ll keep saying

I saw saw.

saw the trailer a while ago - looks cool :smiley:
yes, I’m the kind of person who laughs during splatter-movies

LGF is really pulling themselves into the mainstream lately, and all their movies seem to be pretty good, and have a bit of that indie film flair I can’t seem to get enough of…definately have to see this film. Looks like they are shooting for the halloween timeframe, at least thats the date on the rip for releases from a friend at the theatre.

Looks like a movie for all those phycos out there :evil:

Ill see it anyways it looks scary :bad:

sorry man, I can tell you right now that it will be rated R. Even the trailer said “How F*cked up is this” and all the bloody death scenes. I guess you and me will be wating for the video release… if your under 18 you can buy rated R films but not watch it in the cinema…makes perfect sense :sleep:

Are you sriously worried about the R rating?

I never had a problem as a kid watching r rated flicks. The 14 year old pimply faced kid in the booth selling the ticket will seriously stop you? Or you could simply buy a ticket for a G rated flick that starts around the same time and just walk into the movie you want to see. Geezzz… kids today dont know how to be delinquints.

:stuck_out_tongue: hehe
/me is a good boy lol

EDIT: This is a bad sign… I just used an IRC command on the forums…

We dont have the 14 year old pimply faced kid working for us we have some annoying female dogs, of course Ive done that little trick when you buy a G ticket and go into an R. Ive done it like 15 times and only gotten caught twice

The point is that now I have to go out of my way to get into this movie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so wait… what is that really about?

:p: <woot

hehe when I saw the trailer I thought to myself "This is a movie that fester will ENJOY

and then I read the posts and find it to be true :stuck_out_tongue:

It sure looks weird and wicked - I’ll definitely watch it :beam:


Its no nice to know that something so simple as a hack and slash film will inspire others to think of me.

I’m touched :love:

wo… gotta see that one