Movie slowing over time?

The movie in question has certain tweens that are repeated as a transition between sections of the movie. They are slowing down over time even though the frames were copied from the original tweens and only the color properties changed. During the last two sections of the movie,almost everthing seems to be getting sluggish. The whole thing is built using basic tweening animation. I have yet to determine the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The slowing is apparent to me in both the web version and the projector versions.

web version here: note the horizontal color bars and how their animation slows from section to section…


I just seems sluggish. It could be on account of all of the alpha tweening you have going on there. Lots of movement like that going on at once will seem “choppy” on weaker processors. Thats my only guess. I never heard of basic tweening slowing over time, I think theres too much going on.

Thanks for the reply. Still seems odd. I mean, I look so many Flash sites, online games and such that look to have way more happening than this movie. I’m sure that plenty of what I have happening could be ActionScripted, which might help…I don’t know. I’m just not quite ActionScript acclimated enough at this time to solve the scripting riddles quickly.