Movie works on PC but wont work in browser?

Hey all,

i have created a movie in flash and have buttons that load external swfs in through a container. all of this works whilst testing on my pc but when i upload them to ftp and browse to it using any browser only the initial movie loads up.

When i click the buttons to load the external swfs, nothing happens.

Here is the code for the buttons.

on(press){if (currMovie == undefined) { 
currMovie = "andy"; 
} else if (currMovie != "andy") { 
if (container2._currentframe>=container2.midframe) { 
currMovie = "andy";; 

cant understand why it works on the pc but not online.

Any ideas??

Button is situated on main timeline and the external swfs are in the same directory

alot of FTP programs rename the file extensions to uppercase. Check that “andy.swf” isn’t “andy.SWF”. You’d be suprised how stupid of an issue you can get hung up on:)

Hi defective. all seems well on that front. i always make sure of that one too. just wont work for some reason??

There just seems to be alot of conditional checking there, maybe try dumbing it down:

   currMovie = "andy"; 

Is the movie embedded into a HTML-page that is located in another folder? When the movie is embedded it uses the HTML-page’s location for calculating relative paths.


Yes Mirandir it is. i have just tried loading the swf from the home directory and it worked fine. any ideas on how i can get it to work the other way?

put in the direct path the file, e.g:


Thx defective, that worked. :slight_smile: