MovieClip _alpha

for (i=1; i<=parseInt(_level0.count); i++) {
mc=createEmptyMovieClip(“puppyholder”+i, i);
loadMovie(“puppy”+i+".jpg", mc);

Can anyone figure out why this makes all the created movieClips have an _alpha = to 20, instead of just the one I RollOver?

Change “this” to “mc”

Does that change anything?

nope, that makes nothing happen.

Ok, try replacing it with…


Or something along those lines.

that also makes it not work at all…

Alright… give me a few I will see what I can do.

I can’t work on it for long as I am currently working on something else.

Can you post your .fla?

And any other files needed (if any).

it is larger than 102400 bytes, can I send it to you by other means?

Can you upload it to a server in a .zip file?

you would need picture files and a text file too. Maybe I’ll catch you when you have more time. Thank you for trying.

You could put that all into a .zip file. That is… if you are on a windows OS and have winZip (or some other zip program).

then where do I post it?

Do you have your own website server you could upload to?

go to and log in as me:


[Username and PW removed by lostinbeta]

Ok, I downloaded the file… I didn’t need to log in as you though, I just went to the URL and got it.

So I removed the info so no one else could get it.

Ok… so now I have to ask…

Where is the code located at in the movie?

in the “slider” MovieClip…

in the “puppies” folder…sorry

Ah yes… I see it now… ok, I will work on this now.

I’m trying to create a horizontal slider just like the one on the bottom of this page:

the only difference being that when the user clicks on an image in the slider it will display that same image larger above the slider.

I will pay you if you finish for me or help me finish…

thanks for your help so far too

One project at a time please (although I don’t know if I will be able to do this one).

You can click the contact link in my profile on the button under my post and send me an e-mail. I will get back to you on that menu thing.

That is almost like my Flash Footer (see signature part of post), so I think I can do that :slight_smile: