Movieclip button


Does anyone know how to create a moving button that stops when you rollover and start when you roll out.

Then when pressed plays a movieclip.

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To make a button move and stop on rollover() and start again on rollout() is simple. Make the button into a movieclip and give it some animation so that it moves. Then drag it onto the mainstage from the library Ctrl+L (I don’t know scripting, so i cannot help you in any movement other than tweening)…but I can help in the onrollover() and onrollout() parts.

Once the movie clip is dragged onto the stage double click on the mc to go into the symbol editing mode.
Then right click on the button and give it the following actions -
For the onrollover() right click on the button and click on actions.

In the actions dialogue box double-click on onmouseevent and check rollover() and then click on stop
then click on the ‘}’ bracket and double click on onmouseevent again and select rollout() this time and click on play (both stop and play you will find in the list on the top).

For the link double click on onmouseevent again and select press, then from the list double click on get url and in the textfield type in the name of the file you want to link to.

Hope this helped…

Is it scripted motion or motion tweening?

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I posted another thread a few days ago but I couldn’t get much out of it really.

I had got as far as the rollover and rollout but just wanted to check that I had done it correctly, because I can’t get the button to link to a movieclip on the main timeline. :frowning:

But I’ll give the onmouseevent a try to see if that works…

If can you think of anything else that you might work as I’m out of ideas please post…

oh the movements mothion tweened I can’t actionscript that well yet (still learning!)