Can nobody help me?!?!?

This is my third attempt in getting an answer…
please can someone help me and see it through to the end?!?!

Or even better tell me how to achieve what I’m after…

I’m trying to create a moving button that moves about and stops when you “roll over” and when you “roll out” it continues on its path. Then when you click the button it brings up any given information or movieclip.

What am i doing wrong and why doesn’t it open the movie clip on the main timeline??

any answers


Some onetell me how to do it please!! before I eat my computer out of spite!!!

*Originally posted by postatomic *What am i doing wrong and why doesn’t it open the movie clip on the main timeline??
If you don’t tell us how you did what you did, or post your code, or post your fla, it’s difficult to know what you did wrong…

pom :asian:

Here is a motion tween version.

pom :asian:

I never read post with titles like this one, some others do, some don’t, it’s just too long to look through all those “i need help”, “urgent help”, “i give up”, “newbie needs actionscript hero” , or whatever else is meant to grab attention, it just doesn’t, state what you want/ what the problem is in the title, so everybody knows if it’s interesting, if they might know the answer, if they’d like the answer too etc…

And now I’m going to post that in all the other one’s with similar titles…beerdrinkers and hellraisers…(ZZ Top)…


I have posted the code and I did tell everyone what I done…but to little success. Thats the reason why I’ve posted again.

I don’t know how to post .flas I asked… noone helped

I’ve posted the code and how I’ve gone about it and what I’m trying to achieve, see below:

Heres the last post

I really thought what I was trying to achieve was easy… a button that moves… stops when you rollover and plays when you rollout then plays a movieclip on the main timeline when pressed.

what more can I do?

OK, sorry I didn’t know that but in that case you could have continued the old post…

And did you look at my file?

pom :asian:

I got the file and thats the kind of thing I want… now imagine when you roll over the button it stops as it does in you file then when you press it it actually links to something like a movieclip…thats where I get stuck I can’t seem to get it to link I get errors or it just doesn’t do anything…

Have a go I can’t seem to work it out…


All you have to do is get the path right.

I tried to explain _root and _parent in the AS tricks. Have a look and see if you can handle this. If you can’t, post back.

pom :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me slowly I’m getting to the bottom of this rather annoying puzzle!!

When you say have a look at actionscript tricks where do i find that?

I have added the action:

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {
on (press) {
gotoAndPlay(“Scene 1”, “_root.square”);

But thats still doesn’t work the action is placed on the button thats within the movieclip.

Confused once more…
what do you think?

You were close: _root.square.gotoAndPlay(“someFrame”) will make the clip square located in the _root go to the Frame someFrame. So I don’t know where you want that clip to play, but that’s the syntax.

pom :asian: