Movieclip name question

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to assign actionscript to a grid of tiles, in total there is about 80 individual tiles that I have made into movieclips. At the moment I would be looking at writing actionscript to change the alpha based on the distance from the mouse, for each individual tile.

where t01,t02,… is the tile:

onEnterFrame = function () {
xdist = Math.round(_xmouse - t01._x)
ydist = Math.round(_ymouse - t01._y)
AA = Math.round(Math.sqrt((xdistxdist) + (ydistydist)))
t01._alpha = (100-AA)+20
xdist = Math.round(_xmouse - t02._x)
ydist = Math.round(_ymouse - t02._y)
AB = Math.round(Math.sqrt((xdistxdist) + (ydistydist)))
t02._alpha = (100-AB)+20

It can be done this way and I dont mind doing it, but would there be a smarter/cleaner way to do this.

any help would be appreciated

thanks in advance