MovieClipLoader preloading

I’m trying to set up a website that uses the MovieClipLoader class to load external images & swfs. The loader is working but I can’t seem to get the preloader text to work, ie the onLoadProgress. The Percent text just has jibberish when I test the movie. Could some tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Attached is the test file that I’m working on

Here is the main timeline actionscript
var mcl:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader ();
var mclL:Object = new Object ();

mclL.onLoadProgress = function(target,loaded,total) {
loaded_mc.percent_txt.text = Math.round((loaded/total)*100) +"%";

mclL.onLoadInit = function () {
loader_mc._visible = false;
loader_mc.percent_txt.text = “”;

home_bn.onRelease = function() {
loader_mc._visible = true;

profile_bn.onRelease = function() {
loader_mc._visible = true;