Moviecliploader with a preloader

I’m having troubles with my preloader showing up when it’s on the server. It seems to work fine when testing it locally, the preloader (a circle) spins until the clip is loaded, then it goes away. When it’s on the server, nothing happens, and when the image is loaded it shows up as it’s supposed to, the preloader never shows up. Any ideas?

//the image to load
theImg = "bannerImgs/1.jpg";
//the mcl and listener
myMCL = new MovieClipLoader();
myListener = new Object();
//on load start
myListener.onLoadStart = function(targetMC){ = true;
//on load progress
myListener.onLoadProgress = function(targetMC,lBytes,tBytes){
    //spin the circle = function(){
        this._rotation += 15;
//on load complete
myListener.onLoadComplete = function(targetMC){ = null; = false;
    targetMC._alpha = 30;
function loadImg():Void{