Movies inside movies, inside movies?

Hello, I have adequate flash skills but my actionscript isn’t so hot.
I’m using a script I found to load movies in and out of a movie with transitions between.

Here’s an example of the script:

on (release) {
if (_root.currMovie == undefined) {
_root.currMovie = “movie01”;
} else if (_root.currMovie != “movie01”) {
if (container._currentframe >= container.midframe) {
_root.currMovie = “movie01”;;
My main movie has links at the top. [COLOR=Blue]This is the 1st Movie.[/COLOR]
When a link at the top is clicked it’s sub links load from an external movie at the bottom of the page. [COLOR=Blue]This is the 2nd movie, loaded inside the 1st.[/COLOR]
I then want the sub links to load (an external movie) in the middle when a sub link is clicked. [COLOR=Blue]This will be the 3rd movie, loaded from the 2nd movie.[/COLOR]

So far using that same script if I open up the first movie, click a link it loads fine, but when I go to click a sub link nothing loads.
However if I open up the 2nd movie, the 3rd movie will load fine.
I suspect it might have something to do with the “root” part?
I tried using “level1” instead but the result was the same.

There is probably a simple solution to this, but this is my first time trying to build a site which uses transitions between movies and I’m stuck.

I hope someone can help me.