Moving Animations

How do you move a symbol’s starting keyframe and ending keyframe at the same time? For example, you have a graphic symbol at 100,100 that alpha fades to to 0% in the same location. Then you want to move both starting and ending locations to 200, 200. How could you do that without painstakingly changing both locations separately? Moving at simultaneously could save a bunch of time when you have to move multiple animations.

Do you want to move the starting positions in the timeline or on the stage.

If you want to move the positions in the timeline thats easy, just select all the frames and keeping your mouse pointer on the first keyframe or the last keyframe drag it to the position you want the animation to start from.

I want to move the positions on the stage.

Ok…in order to move the positions of the object on the stage lock all the layers in the timeline except the one you want to move. Then turn on the edit multiple frames option located just below the time line. You will notice two bold brackets appearing over the timeline where the animation was last stopped. Drag the left one to the beginning of the animation and the right one to the end of the animation. Then right click on the stage and click on the select all option once all the objects are selected move the animation to the desired position.

Cool. Never heard of this function before.