Moving button


I’m still trying to make a button stop and start when rolled over. and play a movieclip when pressed…

I can achieve the stop/start but can’t get it to play the movieclip.

I’ve got a basic version of what I’ve done in a .fla can someone shed some light on what I’ve done wrong?

Fingers crossed.

just replace the code

on(press) {

with this:

on (press) {

If you a “**_root” in front of gotoandPlay/Stop you do not need to put in the (…).
and why did you put that square (_root.square.goto…) there?
that doesn’t make any sense.
And if you wanna go to a specific frame label then the frame label has to be in “”.

Thanks syko

That worked…!!

I can’t believe that I’ve been trying to do this for 3 weeks now…and you help me within a day!!

Thanks again…