Moving everything to the left!?

HI Flash experts!
Im a newbie of Flash. Ive finished my first project for my company just now.
But Ive got a problem: When I started the project I left some white margin at the left and right of the document ( in Flash MX). Now Im tring to optimize the Flash file for 800x600 but in order to make it fit I should move every single frame to the left by the same amount… is that possible without having to move every single keyframe?? my presentation is quite long and that would require one whole day!

Thank u everyone!

Ps. please reply…

First make sure everything is unlocked then press control + a on your keyboard and everything in every frame is selected and move as you please.

Thanku for ur suggestion!
But Ive tried that, but it will only move the selected keyframe in the one layer. Even if I press ctrl+alt+a it doesnt work because there are loads of layers and objects…:book:
Maybe there is no simple way and I have to move every single one…:crying:

you can use the “edit multiple frames” button just under your time line.
Click it, drag the brackets that appear in the time line all the way and then use Ctrl+a/command+a to select every single thing in the file.

ohh well just pressing control a worked for me

thanks a lot eki it worked fine!!

It saved me loads of time… :slight_smile:

Any time