Moving Items At The Same Time

Hi All,

I have this script, which basically moves my mc buttons to the left by a number of pixels, this happens to each button that is rolled over… What I want to try and achieve however is if right1 is hovered, I want right2, right3, right4 and right5 to move to the right, and if right3 is hovered, I want right1 and right2 to go left, and right4 and right5 to go right and so on… Here is the code I currently have

// Includes the tweening extensions.

#include ""

// Assigns each button its own functions.

// Of course, these buttons were created at design time, on the Flash IDE itself.
// Usually, you wouldn't do that with serious projects, you'd create them dinamically from some "template"
// movieclip (or from some component).

// This is an array, a list of the buttons used.
var myButtons = [this.right_1, this.right_2, this.right_3, this.right_4];

// Loops on all buttons from the first to the last one
for (var i=0; i<myButtons.length; i++) {
	// Sets its original X value. This will be used later for reference.
	myButtons*.originalX = myButtons*._x;
	myButtons*.xGlowTo(0x2F0000, 1, 30, 1, 3, false, false, 0);

	// When the mouse rolls over this menu option... go down just a bit.
	// NOTICE: I'm not taking into consideration the problem of having the hit area going down and "moving" the
	// mouse area and out of the button (possible rollover flicking). This is just a simple example afterall.
	myButtons*.onRollOver = function() {
				this.tween("_x", this.originalX + 5, 1);
	// When the mouse exits the menu option.. go back up.
	myButtons*.onRollOut = function() {
		this.tween("_x", this.originalX, 0.5);
	// When the mouse clicks.. activate it!
	myButtons*.onRelease = function() {
		this._parent.activateItem (this);
		// *** Add some function here or somewhere else to handle real button actions!
		trace ("Hey, button "+this+" was clicked.");

this.activateItem = function(item) {
	// Function that activates a button.
	// Checks if there's an activated item already; if so, deactivates it.
	if (this.currentItem != false) this.deActivateItem();
	// Activates it, finally
	this.currentItem = item;
	this.currentItem.alphaTo (100, 1); // makes it 'disabled'
	this.currentItem.enabled = true; // makes it a disabled button, so it won't receive mouse events

this.deActivateItem = function() {
	// Deactivates the current activated menu item.
	this.currentItem.enabled = true; // back to a normal button/movieclip
	this.currentItem.alphaTo (100, 0.5); // back to its original opacity
	this.currentItem.tween("_x", this.currentItem.originalX, 0.5); // back to its original position
	this.currentItem = undefined;