Moving text in 3d space with reflection?

Hey guys and girls,
Anyone know of any dececent tutorials on mvoing text through ‘3d space’ with a reflection? Im trying to look for an example to show you what I mean…

can you draw a quick example?

a lot of it depends on what you’re reflecting off of. If its just a normal plane perpendicular to the camera pane, then its no big deal, but you run into complications when dealing with other surfaces

Ok, yeah what im afetr is rather simple. Im just working on a picture to show you brb. Its supposed to be text shining a reflection on glass floor

Hi again,

Here’s a picture essentially of the final frame of the animation seuquence with the type of reflection im trying to achieve. During the movie each letter comes in sequentially (one after the other) with the reflection moving with each letter as it comes to the front (in correct perspective), ultimately the finishing frame is what you see here as I mentioned…

Ive done a tutorial of a bouncing ball with shadow so I have a basic idea of but Im just not sure how to apply a shadow to moving text like the one you see.

Preferrabley I would like to use AS for the majoirty of the animation to keep the animation small in file size.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

(the picture below)

that should be quite easy… but do u need the text to be able to change or just static?


If not, copy the text and Break Apart {ctrl + b}the text (twice for MX). Flip it{modify>transform>}. Fill it w/ a gradient that goes from top to bottom, blue to white (or blue [100% alpha] to blue[o% alpha]). To do this, select the paint bucket, make your gradient, click and hold onto the top of the text, while holding shift go to the bottom of the text, release your mouse and shift. If the blue is on the wrong side, do the click-hold-release from bottom to top. Group it {ctrl + g}.

You’re done!

If you want to gradually spread the text, use the transform tool when you broke the text up. But that is only available in MX.

Thanks [m],

But I need to be able to change the text (re use the same affect), so Im hoping to make it as updateable as possible. I think it will involve using xscale, yscale to constantly update the reflection to give it the real perspective, along with maybe the alpha and/or gradient funtions to keep it looking “reflective”.
I was playing with someones ‘bouncing ball’ movie where the ball had a shadow and the shadows placement, alpha and scale would alter to the bounce of the ball, kinda cool but the link to the script was broken…

Heres something out of with a ball, something like this for text except where the text comes forward by animation (not mousemovement)



MMm nice work Se, now lets see how I can work it into the reflection…


MMm nice work Se, its a little hard to work with though
I followed the examples, and I just cant seem to fiure out how to produce the right skew. Could you send me simple example?
At the momment Im quiet simpley Im trying to skew the clip underneath to be the reflection and Im getting nowhere…:hangover:

…Eventually Im hoping use your prototype to keep the skew of the reflection in perspective during the main text’s movement, nut im nowhere near lol


well first off, its a skew, not a taper, so youd have to divide your text into seperate clips. If this is going to be static, it makes it a little easier. With Dynamic text, its defintely doable, just usually a little more a pain with spacing, alignment, etc.

secondly you cant use devise fonts or Flash’s inbuilt _sans, _serif or _typewriter since on any rotation they go kaputz.

thirdly, -90 is basically flat. You get nothing with that (with a single skew), so you see nothing at that.

so looky at this.


// of course theres no point in using skew() if its just going to sit there
// and look pretty - you could have just as esily made it that way using
// the transform tool in Flash. So lets put it to work…

Yer I know, its just that I feel with AS there is more control, and I wanted the skew of the reflection to change with movment and the darn shape tweening tool is a bit stupid at times, not to mention if I wanted to reuse the reflect affect on different sized lettering etc I would have to go through and re-create the tweens over and over and wohho file size through the roof…

Thanks Se, will take a look at what you’ve done

Umm its taking me hours to figure out how to change your script so that the reflection goes goes down the page as if the text “MINDFRICTION” was coming from the back to front

I know it must be a matter of changing this function but im not sure mate?

spread = range[1]-range[0];
step = spread/letters.length;
for (i=0; i<letters.length; i++) letters*.skew(range[0]+step*i, 0);

what do you mean by moving down the page?

oH i’ll clarify what I mean. .
Allright basically the word MINDFRICTION is sitting on a very shiny/ mirrored surface. The word then glides forward (straight on) towards you, the reflection is still there but now because “MINDFRICTION” is close to you it is larger. I want to be able to maintain the reflection with true perspective to the word “MINDFRICTION” as it moves forward and becomes larger, ie true to the “view point change”

Here is an example of a city skyline, imagine how the reflection in the water will change as the boat moves towards the city -this is what im trying to achieve.