Moving Whole Motion Tweens

Hey Guys,

I’m new to Flash, so fogive me if this is a super easy problem to solve, but I just can’t figure it out… :frowning:

So, I created a set of hexagons all on their own layers, all separate buttons. They fade in as the animation plays. However, I don’t like where they are positioned on the stage, so I want to move them all as a whole.

But the problem is, whenever I try to move them, the end of their animation moves to the spot I want them, but the begining doesn’t. So this creates undisired movement as the hexagons move from their original spot to the new spot.

I also realize that motion tweens are probably not the best way to deal with animation, but I don’t know enough ActionScript to deal with animations any other way.

Thanks in Advance

at the bottom of the timeline window there’s a button “edit multiple frames”. toggle it, set the “onion markers” to encompass the whole tween, select everything you want to move, and move it.

another way which is much more inferiour to breeners but u could just remove he tween and delet he lat keyframe then just move the first to where u want it insert ur secong keyframe and it will go where u want it change ur alpha etc and tween it again


another way is to nest your tweens within another movie (as a movie clip, and apply the motion tween to the clip.

hope this helps some.