MP loop problem!

I’ve got a problem with a sound made with swift-mp3. When the sound finish the 1st time, is not looping it starts the whole site at the beginning. I don’t understand what’s wrong.
I send the fla if someone could help. I’m lost, i try everything and now i can’t see nothing.
Thank’s for your help.

I can’t upload here cause the file’s too big so here’s the link :

Ok two things. Firstly, make sure loop is selected in the properties of the music file. Secondly, add a stop(); action to the last frame of your movie. That should fix it.

Of course i put a stop on the last frame of my movie, that’s beacause i don’t understand what’s the deal. In wift mp3 i tried to export the file with a loop and not, it’s the same problem. Take a look at the fla if you please, you’ll see that’s there’s a stop at the end of the movie.

Hey, sorry I didn’t see you .fla yesterday. Would it be a problem to import the sound into the movie itself, rather than externally loading it? I’m thinking it could be something to do with the son2.swf - the file that actually contains the movie.

No i won’t be a problem but someone has to tell me how to do that. the data.swf file is generated with swift-mp3 that create the spectrum of the sound. But i know how to do this file by myself.