Music loops don't loop well

i have a problem with some music loops that I have on a website I am making for a composer. He has made them himself, they have no failures in terms of empty space in the beginning or end or cut too short when he listens to them. However most of them still don’t loop well when I use them on the site. I load them as follows:
[AS]myLoop.loadSound(“melo.mp3”, true);
myLoop.onSoundComplete = function() {
They are all very short max. 5 sec.

Does anyone recognize this problem, or simply know a good way to avoiding the problem all together. I have considered making small swf:s with the music instead of having them as separate mp3:s but it does save me time not to do it and so far when i have tried I haven’t been able to edit his files in Flash for some reason.

I would be very grateful for info/help!

Do you mean when your (dynamic) Mp3’s to loop, they pause for a second, then repeat?

Not exactly, one (or two) seem like if they have silent space either in the beginning or at the end but not a second and I don’t think (without being sure) that it’s related to the onSound Complete function. one loop is too short, like if it has been cut. I would have thought it was the material he sent me, only he is very good at what he does. When we listen to it on my computer in quicktime it sounds better but not perfect. On his it sounds great though. We are both on MacOSX.

Oh another thing that has bothered me about the loops is that when I tried importing them into a swf to edit them there it wasn’t possible. The area where you see the soundwaves were “grayed”. i haven’t tried all of the loops like that (for lack of time) yet but it hadn’t happened to me before. Could it be the way his mp3:s have been saved? (or I just stupidly omitted something self-evident before trying to edit…)

I’ve never been able to solve that problem, that’s why I just make .swf’s and loop those. ONLY thing is it takes up a lot of time.

I’ll see if I can come up with anything…but don’t I don’t want to get your hopes up.

IF you do loop them as .swf’s, import them as WAV files. Mp3’s dont loop well when imported in Flash.

Thanks for the tip about the wav. I suppose I’ll have to take the time to make swf’s… Great to hear that I am not completely nuts though and thanks for the reply!