mp3 and please

i made a player very similar to the one in the tutorial by altering most of the things, but how do you upload a different mp3 song to flash so you can play it there??

change the as from sound2.mp3 (the audio file) to whatever music song you want. Make sure though that the song is in the same folder as the fla.

what do you mean the same folder as the .fla ?? how do you get it there is what I mean

no, place the mp3 that you want to play in the same folder as the flash file is

how do you ple it in therre?

ok. say ur using a PC

say your music file (song) is in C:\Music
and you mp3 player you made in flash is in C:\Flash

Copy/cut the song into the C:\Flash folder

The need to be in the same folder. Get it?

yea i did that lol sorry, anyway…it DOES play in flash, but i uploaded it into my geucities filemanager and when i press play it doesnt work. the actualy flash file is -

you need to make sure the mp3 is uploaded as well, and remember that it will take longer to load if it’s online, so wait a bit.