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I’m newie here. I’m having a problem with constructioning my homepage! For any help I’ll be very thankfull!!!

I’m building a flash movie, when will users be able to choose between several .mp3’s to play in background. I know how to make buttons (play, stop…), how to attach the sound, but I want a choosable scrollbox with several mp3’s. And when will the user change a mp3 from the base it’ll start to play from server. I’ve used the function:


Instead of “helphere” I want to see a variable(any mp3, choosen from user).

I hope you understand my problem, 'cause my english is not so good!!

Thank you a lot!!!

You want to use one of Macromedia’s components, right ?

pom :asian:

Yeah, that’s right:) . I’m going to built my own mp3 player with flash so any help would be welcome!


I would recommend using .loadSound() to load external mp3s. I have an online mp3 player that simply uses a loadVariables action to post to an asp script, which simply returns the name of every .mp3 file in that directory. The results are populated in a text field… click the name of the mp3 you want and it performs this action…

when clicked, it sets the variable mp3File to the name fo the mp3 from the directory you want to load.

(this is loaded on another level for streaming reasons)
_root:soundPlayer = new Sound();

this 1 creates new sound object, externally loads an mp3 file, and sets volume on the new sound object.

for an online example:
log in with demo/demo
click the music icon at the top.

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