MP3 Player trouble. need help!

i would have searched the forums for this, but i dont know what to look for:

i have a music player on my site: and i want it so you click the button and it plays the track. as of now, i click the track and my download accelerator plus starts downloading the track. what i want is it just to stream it and play. heres the code i attatched to each button: (this is on button 1, the track# depends on the button, obviously)

[AS]on (release)
this.trackname = “Track 1”;
mySound = new Sound();

this is very noobie, i dont want anything special, i just want the tracks to play. eventually ill work preloaders for the tracks in, but i need to get my site rollin.

any help would be appreciated.


The best sound tutorial ever:

thanks for the link, ill use that. but it still doesnt solve my little prollem. it downloads with that tutorial too. i just checked electrongeek’s site and when i click the number button, it plays. ill have to ask him about it.

sorry man… I didn’t realy read the question. Whenever I see a sound problem in the MX forum i just post that link because it usually fixes the problem… lol

hehe. i understand. i think im going to try loading .swf files instead of mp3 files