Much needed photo gallery help

I am having a huge problem with trying to get a photo gallery to work. I was working with a flash and xml photo gallery that i found online and i was able to partly edit it however i didn’t get it fully working. However my huge problem right now is i am making a website in flash 8 i already have the site and it is all on one swf. So when and if i ever find a good flash photo gallery how can i incorporate that into my flash site without embedding it into another html site. I am also not even really looking for a photo gallery really i am just interested in putting some thumbnails on my site and when some one clicks them they get larger. I would like some cool effects as they get larger. However i have searched everywhere and couldn’t find something like this. Please if anyone could help please do. I am not really sure on how to add other swf movies to my current flash site. Thanks for all the help so far.