Multiplayer driving game

Ok, I’m creating a multiplayer driving game and I have completed the ASP pages to do the following:

1.) If you aren’t logged in, it allows you to log in.
2.) If you can log in properly, you are shown on the Index (waiting to play)
3.) 5 game rooms are shown and if you click on a full game, you are notified and your status remains waiting to play.
4.) If the room has <=3 players, you enter and see the other player names (and their stats)
5.) Your stats continue from where the demo left off (see note 1)
6.) You can change your current direction by pressing a key and hitting enter.
7.) The page is updated only when you hit “Enter” button.
8.) The current grid coordinates are shown and these change according to the server time (testing lag here), these load from the database according to amount of time from beginning of race.

Now I’m ready to create the Flash portion (the user interface). I’ll be creating it this week and next weekend. If you want to contribute, message or e-mail me. I can use things like:

  • “top-down” graphics of off-road vehicles.
  • Flash AS code that might help

I’ll post the first versions here if that’s OK!

I STILL have not identified the classic game I am recreating! I can’t find any reference to it, and there are thousands of old 80s/90s arcade games to look thru. If you want to see screenshots of what I remember, check out this thread:

This new Flash game will be more colorful and more detailed than the original game. Specs: Up to 4 players race around an off-road track from the top, down. Pick up upgrades that give you more speed and maneuverability. ‘AI’ drives against you with less than 4 players. When the leader and second place pass the edge of the screen, they win the ‘screen’ and it scrolls up down left or right to show the next portion of the track. The other racers are pulled up and flash to show their inability to keep up :wink: