Multiplayer game in as3

Hi all, i’ve written a 2 player game in AS3 and it can be seen at At the moment you can play against an opponent using the same keyboard, or AI - obviously I would like to add versus over the internet.

I know enough PHP/MySQL to allow users to register their game onto my server with game name, IP address, password (if desired) etc. temporarily in a database, and let other users browse the currently active games.

What I don’t know is how do I then communicate between the two users in flash? In a slower paced game I could just send all relevant data to my PHP server and that would constantly send data back and forth between the two games to keep them in sync (or if there were 100 games going on it would have to manage all of that!). But in such a fast paced game as msav I don’t think that would work (or would it?).

Is there any way of getting the two flash instances to connect directly? i.e. my PHP/MySQL back end would keep track of what games are registered, and would establish the handshake between the two flash instances, but then they would communicate directly? I couldnt find any info or documentation on this kinda stuff. Could the socket class be used for this? I’ve read the help files on that and understand what it was designed for… but can it be used for what I would like?

any suggestions welcome,